VELOSUB & SUBALO are two pedal powered aquatic vehicles for water sports, simple, funny, fast, and easy to ride. They are brand new, world unique, and environment friendly innovations.

You can move around twice faster than if you were swimming or finning, with equivalent effort. No need for lessons.

Better than Aquabiking in a swimming pool: You can safely perform "aquatic strolls", and easily look underwater through the underwater vision glass screen incorporated. The practice of VELOSUB & SUBALO results in a natural "aqua-gym". It provides you a massage, fitness and relaxing effect of the water on your body. It brings you wellbeing, contact with nature and a soft and pleasant approach of the aquatic world: sea, lake, river.

Kids above 7 years old can easily enjoy riding them, if they know how to swim, and under adult supervision.






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